Home Solar

Solar power panels fulfill the function of absorbing solar energy and transforming it into electric power via the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The majority of homes include a roof or a backyard that could be used to install solar panels and generate electricity.This electric energy is available as a DC power that can directly charge up the battery. The DC power on the battery is delivered to an inverter that switches it into AC power. This AC power is then delivered to the mains in various houses which will power all required uses. A home solar system should give sufficient electric energy to fulfill all of the power needs of a household. It must be also able to supply AC power as generally every home utilize AC power to function lighting systems, devices, appliances as well as equipment systems like laptops or computers, mixers, refrigerators, fans, ac units, Televisions as well as music systems. A home solar power system consists of numerous elements that are as follows:
  • It needs the sufficient number of solar panels in order to absorb as much solar energy as it can be. This will differ according to the number of hours of sunlight obtained during the day.
  • The system needs a battery that could be charged by the solar power produced and also could collect electric power to be utilized at night. Batteries are usually utilized in off-grid systems.
  • The system requires an inverter to transform the DC power generated to AC power in order that it could be used by the home appliances or gadgets at home.
  • The whole home solar power system is interconnected having sufficient and proper wiring and cabling to channelize the power into a usable form.